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pushing through Jul. 14th, 2009 @ 11:45 pm
i push through. pieces to look at and laugh. it was all a dream.

☼revitalize☼ Feb. 27th, 2009 @ 11:14 pm
this is absence without cause. i vacant superhighway. bleached and cracked roads that lead no where. the echoes cease. maybe this will be my new home. who still functions? lets resew fabric.

*/donor tissues/* Nov. 27th, 2007 @ 05:39 am
i dont know
i dont know if i ever will
i sway
cornered and bleeding for a second
then behind them
inside them
i find ways through them
over isnt always a possibility
and neither is gnawing off limbs

youll never read this, but i hope someday you realize
the barbs that tore deep to push through.

i function.


*/circuit/* Feb. 12th, 2007 @ 12:57 pm
stretching towards some kind of infinity.
like a lamb towards slaughter, oblivious of and to the heavy curtain call.


that about sums it up. i long for days of sun, feeling.
the far opposite of the circuit.
im so full, and yet, i feel completely empty. voided. without trivial value.

*/logic dictates otherwise/*

sand solidifies under heavy heat. so does time.



☼FREE THE JUICE!☼ Aug. 10th, 2006 @ 02:50 pm
I am the OJ Simpson of Columbus.

Current Mood: flirtysleazy
Other entries
» ☼drying out☼
the focal point blurs, simultaneously being swept away in the undertow of the peripheral.

i appreciate when someone can tell me that something im doing is fucked up or that something about me isnt right without being a complete fuck about it. genuine concern. thanks for that.

so where do things go from here?
» ☼line divides space, poker face☼
as things pass, i gather. if you can write, youve overcome something. history is a progression of victories of the strong over the weak. its not to say that the weak cannot overcome the strong, but in doing so, they become the strong. they write the histories at that point, in which, theyve always BEEN the strong. history is strength.

chris's wedding is behind him and us. we all gathered. danced. drank. prayed. not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily for the same reasons. we pushed through and sent them off strong. so whos next? thats a question we all ask ourselves as we get older, as we wither. we look to our neighbors in comparisson. whos next?

ill tell you, if you can keep a secret with a strong poker face.

» ☼detox☼
vitamins killed king blob of blobonia, and theyre gonna kill whatevers going on in my chest thats making me sleep all day and be exhausted.a hot shower felt good, but im still tired. did a bit of recording. need to finish some shit up so i can try something before summer.or durring summer. i guess the more appropriate term would be, finish some shit before fall.so i havent had a cigarette or a drink in 3 days now. feels pretty good, until i hear people wanting to go out to a bar. im going to drink for nics birthday and again on wags wedding, but i dont think im hopping on the pay train. but who knows... i might say fuck it. this much is sure, i wont be smoking. i need to highlight my mohawk for the wedding. also, i need to keep working out. anyways... im exhausted after a hot shower, so im going to lay down again.
» ☼heh☼
You better turn me loose
You better set me free
Cause I'm hot, young, running free
A little fucking better than I use to be

Cause I'm alive

hot damn dan, we tear it up.
» ☼pop☼
there are issues here more important than you or i.

i hope you can understand that, but im probably just "being an asshole" to you. you arent the only one not getting your way right now, understand that. however, thats life. its filled with gifts and let downs, and its what you signed up for. not trying to sound above or below, but you have to realize that theres more to life than just making yourself happy. there are reasons to do things, and there are reasons to back off. everyones not picking on you, and its not that youre oversensitive, but you need to open up to other people's needs sometimes. im really really sick of you trying to tell me how that im wrong for doing that. thing is, self sacrifice for some greater good is what makes us thrive as a race, and im a big fan of progression. so stop giving me shit for helping out my parents, and maybe you should lend a hand to your own, cause they need you right now.

hate me or love me, you needed to hear it.
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