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Previous Entry ☼pop☼ Apr. 12th, 2006 @ 04:40 pm Next Entry
there are issues here more important than you or i.

i hope you can understand that, but im probably just "being an asshole" to you. you arent the only one not getting your way right now, understand that. however, thats life. its filled with gifts and let downs, and its what you signed up for. not trying to sound above or below, but you have to realize that theres more to life than just making yourself happy. there are reasons to do things, and there are reasons to back off. everyones not picking on you, and its not that youre oversensitive, but you need to open up to other people's needs sometimes. im really really sick of you trying to tell me how that im wrong for doing that. thing is, self sacrifice for some greater good is what makes us thrive as a race, and im a big fan of progression. so stop giving me shit for helping out my parents, and maybe you should lend a hand to your own, cause they need you right now.

hate me or love me, you needed to hear it.
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